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Good Customer Service Skills and Maintenance Agreements

Sunset Studios Media Solutions, Inc. is an audio visual collaboration company which dedication to good customer service skills and our customers comes first.

Sunset Studios is a company dedicated to integrating entertainment technology. We specialize in doing service, design, engineering, system documentation, project management, wire installation, implementation, programming, commissioning, performance calibration and of course, dedicating time to good customer service skills, maintenance & support for many clients across the country, especially in Southern California.

We have been working for more than 35 years in the audio-visual spheres of business. We know every element of the intricacies of the work. Because of our high level of professionalism, we create each project customized to the wide range of our client’s requirements. We value our clients time and understand the importance of their audiovisual systems, in bringing their visions to life. This is why the practice of good customer service skills and have the assurance of a long-term maintenance agreement is of the utmost importance to us.

Sunset Studios not only brings the latest technology to our clients, we provide a new lifestyle as well.


We care about our clients especially after finishing the work and the warranty period. For that reason, Sunset Studios has a 24-month “After warranty service” contract, which takes away a lot of pressure from the clients. We want our clients free from having to worry about all the details of maintaining their new installations, which is often put on the customers to pay or make repairs after the initial warranty period is over. Now we do it!

Sunset Studios sets up this service because we were often asked, “What should we do after the warranty service, who will care about all of our equipment?” It’s a good question because sometimes the client spends a lot of energy and money creating, for example, a new conference room, auditorium, home theater, light control, and smart home, but after the warranty period, a problem comes up and somebody must deal with it. Good customer service skills, to us, are about providing an excellent experience to our clients where they feel completely unburdened and at ease, not just during the installation period.

Good Customer Service Skills and Quality Collaboration Company

After the warranty service is a Support and Maintenance Agreement, which provides an opportunity to care about the client’s equipment and design. Signing this agreement, our clients receive the following maintenance program:

  • Quarterly Scheduled preventive maintenance
  • Scheduled firmware updates
  • Enhanced 4-hour Emergency on-site service calls (for fault diagnostic and repair)
  • Telephone support
  • Set up online monitoring
  • Expediting RMA procedures as defined by specific manufacturer Replacing faulty appliance (RMA)

Also, the clients can receive equipment insurance, which in the case something needs to be replaced, loaner equipment will be installed to get the client up and running should a component need service that will take time.

The Support and Maintenance Agreement, after the Warranty Service Contract, gives the huge benefit of both preventive measures and problem-solving should a situation arise. Scheduled maintenance gives the opportunity to identify and repair faulty equipment.

Because we do quarterly checkups and can be in the field as our clients need, this will also guarantee longer working time for the equipment and save our client’s money in the long run. If something happens, we bring the client’s equipment to the manufacturer for repair. The client doesn’t spend any additional energy at all!

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