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LED Displays: To Curve or not to Curve?

A trip through the TV section of your local Costco or Target might make you do a double-take – yes, some of those LED displays are curved ever so slightly. No, the employees haven’t been bending TVs to see if anyone would notice.

A curved screen has actually been a staple of many old school movie theaters over the past sixty years – the most famous of which is probably the legendary Cinerama Dome in Hollywood.  In a case like that, the curve is intended to correct for the distortions caused by projecting the image at very large sizes in ultra-widescreen formats like Cinemascope or 70mm; this curving has the effect of making the audience perceive the image as flat, eliminating the potentially distracting distortions on the left and right sides of the film.

So why would we need that on a TV?  Experts have pointed out two primary reasons:

  • Improved immersion in the image as the picture “wraps” around your field of view, entering your peripheral vision and creating a more comfortable, focused image for your eye.
  • Contrast is modulated across the image, creating an increased sense of depth (even with a 2D image).

Of course, critics have also point out several drawbacks for a curved LED display:

  • The curved screen exaggerates reflections which may be made worse, depending on your lighting conditions.
  • Viewing angles are limited for maximum effectiveness.
  • You need a big (at least 65”) screen to really enjoy the effect of the curve.
  • They’re expensive – at least for the time being.

So, where does that lead us? At this point, it really comes down to personal preference – some customers swear that a curved TV is the greatest thing since sliced bread, while others couldn’t care less and would prefer their TVs to remain as flat as board.  But doing your homework beforehand will empower you to make an informed decision based on your needs as a viewer and the variables of your home viewing situation.

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