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What is Fiber Optic Internet?

What is Fiber Optic Internet and why is it important as audio visual integrators to know it? Basically, fiber optics equals speed and power!

What is Fiber Optic Internet?

First of all, Fiber Optics are cables that are incredibly thin, not much wider than a human hair, and they are very flexible. Unlike cable wires, which are metal, they can contain huge volumes of information far beyond a copper wire; allowing for a multitude of uses in the world of communications ie. internet. Using light, Fiber optics cables also illuminate, meaning they light up which can create visual applications. You have probably seen the points of light on a bouquet of fiber optic strands that have the light of the rainbow? Imagine these points installed into a Home Theater ceiling can create your own planetarium into the home theater with the cosmos of stars synthesized using points of fiber optic light!l But the thing that really sets fiber optics apart from normal metal cables is that light travels over much greater distances at much faster speeds allowing immense bandwidth on a strand the size of a hair. This simple fact transformed how we communicate forever. So, to the world of the Audio Visual Architects, there are really endless uses to be considered on top of just the internet, and the importance of it.

What is Fiber Optic internet in AV Systems?

This is important when it comes to audio visual integration because one of the biggest concerns when setting up the internet in a home is signal strength and speed. Fiber optics are many times faster than any type of regular metal wires providing HD signal transmission to greater distances than wire. And, one of the most often asked questions and concerns of customers is having good overall internet connectivity, so that no signal is dropped, especially when it comes to streaming etc. Therefore, fiber optic internet is an important consideration when it comes to the integration of wiring of a home.

Audio Visual Integrator

As a result, this makes fiber optic internet and fiber optic cables more reliable in the overall production of commercial and home productions in audio visual integration. So, what is fiber optic internet? It is the future of communications, audio visual, and smart home industry due to its speed and ability to increase productivity. It has the ability to improve and increase Cloud Storage which is important for the internet for the audio visual integrator. Due to fiber optics ability to carry the signal much further than standard copper cables, there are many applications in AV integration that make fiber optics optimal. Plus, the experience for the clients and the user-friendliness and reliability provide a more consistently pleasant experience. This has made fiber optic internet and fiber optic cables the top choice for clients in businesses and homes for communications purposes, especially the internet, in the audio visual sphere. Something that was once a fan based market, is now a comfort, safety, and necessity based market.To receive an in-home consultation for fiber optic internet or fiber optic applications, visit us on our: conact page

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