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Nest Cams: The Good, and the Bad

Nest Cams: The Good, and the Bad

Nest CamS: The Good, and the bad


Nest Cams are taking the surveillance market by storm with their ease of use and powerful next-gen technology. But how do they compare to a hard-wired surveillance system? Sunset Studios has over 25 years of experience installing surveillance systems for our clients. Here’s the good, and the bad, you might not know about Nest cams:


Nest is a Google Company


Nest cams are engineered and supported by Google. That comes as no surprise, since Nest provides A.I. functionality that offers advanced security features to the end-user, powered by Google’s team of masterful engineers.



Watch live on your smartphone


Using the Nest app, you can view your cameras’ live streaming video/audio, as well as recorded material, right from your smartphone or tablet. Give access to your spouse or other family members so they can watch as well. 



Access from anywhere


Get peace of mind knowing that you have access to your Nest surveillance system from anywhere, anytime. At the office, out to dinner, or on vacation overseas, you have access and control to your Nest cameras



Easily record to the cloud


The Nest Aware service provides cloud-based storage for camera recordings (audio and video). You can choose a length of storage time that is best for your needs: 10 days, or 30 days, of rolling backup.



High Definition Resolution

Nest cams have an HD resolution of 1080p, and record to the cloud at that resolution. Not only will you have recordings, but they’ll be clear and easy to see details, too. 



Record audio, as well as video


Hear what’s being said and see who’s saying it! Audio is both streamed live, and recorded to the cloud.



Smart AI-driven functions


Smart features are included with Nest (some require a subscription to activate, however). Familiar Faces recognizes trusted individuals and doesn’t worry about alerting you to their coming and going. Supersight zooms in and follows persons or large animals that it detects in frame, making it easier to see their features. 



Outdoor cams have nightvision


Nightvision is built right in to Nest outdoor cameras, so you can feel safe both day and night knowing that recordings in the dark will have visibility. 



wireless cameras are only as reliable as your wifi 


Although Nest cams can provide high quality streams and recordings, they are only as reliable as the WiFi they are tethered to. You must have a very strong network in order to have a reliable camera system, and even then, the chance of signal failure is high.



Features not exclusive to nest 


Nest cams provide many great features out of the box, but these features are available with most modern surveillance systems. We install and upgrade both analog and digital surveillance systems that have all the same features available to Nest, with far greater reliability, speed, and storage capacity.



Sunset Studios Media Solutions, Inc. are experts in the field of surveillance, audio and visual systems. We install Nest systems (and others), perform integration onto your devices, and provide training to get you up to speed with your new surveillance system.
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