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Choosing Your Conference Room Display Monitor

According to a study by the National Statistics Council, employees spend on average 37 percent of their time in meetings, with more than 11 million formal meetings being held in the United States alone every day. In this day and age, these meetings involve a conference room display monitor more often than not. There are several factors to keep in mind when settling on a new display to incorporate into your meeting space:

  • Readability: Can everybody in the conference room read what is displayed on the screen? Take a seat in the back of the room and conduct some tests with font sizes typically used in presentations and spreadsheets. Sometimes even a 70 or 80” display will fail to deliver on this level, even in a small meeting room. One solution: swap out the display for an HD projector – the difference between an 80” display and a 100” projected image can be huge.
  • Resolution: This one goes hand in hand with readability. In the case of come flat panels, it can be difficult to sync a computer, tablet or smartphone properly to ensure the best image quality for a presentation. Also, if you’re going to visualize more data than a typical PowerPoint presentation, you’ll need a display that renders at higher resolutions such as Full HD (1920x1080).
  • Brightness: In any given conference room, ambient light is your best friend or worst enemy. The amount of control you have over the light will play a factor in whether you go for a direct view display (which makes it easier to adjust contrast and readability) or a front projection solution.
  • Connectivity: Does the display you’re considering have options for HDMI? USB? VGA? Can you utilize wi-fi? Given the sheer number of devices that could conceivably be plugged in during a meeting, you want the display with maximum versatility.

No matter what model you choose, increasing readability and technical flexibility setup will eliminate frustration, encourage communication among your collaborators, and increase the efficiency of your business. Let Sunset Studios pick out the perfect conference room display monitor for your workspace. Contact us today.

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Google Plus, Vidyo, and his Holiness the Dalai Lama (No, seriously)

The Dalai Lama made some news this week, and not for the usual reason.
After being denied a visa by South Africa under pressure from the Chinese government, his Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet found a way around.  He signed up for Google Plus and had a little video conference chat with Archbishop Desmond Tutu, courtesy of Vidyo, which provided its new telepresence architecture that scales video quality with each individual's connection.
No word yet if they're Facebook friends.
Read more about the lively video chat and about Vidyo and Google Plus below:

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Magor and EMC Demonstrate HD Video Conferencing

Magor and EMC Demonstrate HD VideoConferencing at Wainhouse Research Collaboration Summit


 Firms Leverage Magor’s Scalable Video Coding (SVC++) and EMC’s New HD Connect On Demand Satellite Service to Conduct Real-Time, Ad Hoc Point-to-Point and Multipoint Visual Collaboration Calls Between US, UK and Kenya

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Miami, Florida, USA and Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – July 21, 2011 – In a breakthrough for the high definition video conferencing market, Magor Communications and Emerging Markets Communications (EMC) successfully conducted a live demonstration of real-time, high definition (HD) video conferencing over unmanaged Internet and EMC’s VSAT service at the Wainhouse Research Collaboration Summit, taking place at the Doubletree Hotel in Philadelphia.

 During a packed session Tuesday morning, Magor and EMC conducted a live point-to-point visual collaboration call between a Magor TeleCollaboration system in Philadelphia and a Cisco C20 in Nairobi, Kenya. The call was made from Philadelphia to Germany over the Internet. From Germany, it connected to Nairobi via EMC’s VSAT service.

Once that call was complete, the companies conducted a peer-to-peer multipoint call between three Magor TeleCollaboration endpoints located in Philadelphia, London and Miami. This call utilized Magor’s scalable video coding (SVC++ ) to connect from Philadelphia to London over the Internet. It then connected to Miami via a satellite connection out of Germany. Miami then automatically closed the mesh to connect back to Philadelphia via a satellite in Hawaii.

 The successful demonstration was an important advancement for delivering real-time HD visual collaboration services to remote locations across the globe. Key details for these calls include:

  Both calls were set up in an ad-hoc, non-scheduled manner

  The calls delivered excellent video quality that allowed conference attendees to clearly see facial expressions and pick up on the non-verbal cues of the call participants

  The round-trip delay between endpoints that were connected via EMC’s VSAT service ranged from 650-771ms, with zero packet loss and zero jitter

 The round-trip delay between endpoints that were connected via the Internet ranged from 85-93ms, with zero packet loss and zero jitter

“Magor and EMC demonstrated the ability to extend HD video conferencing using satellite links to locations around the world,” said Ira M. Weinstein, senior analyst and partner at Wainhouse Research. “Traditionally, satellite connections have had difficulty providing the low latency and consistently high performance necessary to host business-quality video conferencing. EMC’s VSAT offering combines ad-hoc access, low delay, and high QoS with an innovative usage-based cost model to provide a reliable and affordable satellite network able to carry even the most demanding communication traffic – including real-time video conferencing.”

“We were proud to announce our HD Connect On Demand Satellite Service at the Wainhouse Research Collaboration Summit,” said Thomas Luketich, VP of video conferencing and application services for EMC. “HD Connect provides HD visual collaboration, video conferencing and telepresence circuits in an on demand method anywhere in the world, concentrating on Africa, Middle East and Central Asia. The HD Connect service, which works with any video conferencing system, utilizes EMC’s high quality MPLS satellite network, which has been providing data services to governments and NGOs in those regions for over 8 years.”

“The team at EMC has found an innovative way to increase the experience and reduce the costs that have been historically associated with satellite service,” said Ken Davison, vice president of global sales and marketing for Magor Communications. “Combining that capability with our scalable video coding (SVC++) gives governments, NGOs and corporations around the globe an affordable option for real-time HD visual collaboration between facilities located virtually anywhere on the Earth, including those that do not have easy access to the Internet.”

Supporting Resources:

About EMC

Emerging Markets Communications (EMC) is a premier provider of hybrid global satellite and terrestrial communications. Utilizing a high quality, fully managed network, EMC offers private end-to-end satellite solutions in more than 140 countries. EMC specializes in meeting the diverse communications needs of its customers, which includes Oil & Gas, Telecom, Financial Institutions, Global 2000 companies and Large Intergovernmental organizations including the United Nations. A US-based company with HQs in FL, EMC is powered by its network of strategically located, wholly-owned support centers (Argentina, Germany, Kazakhstan, Russia, UK, Thailand, UAE, US, Kenya, Angola, Nigeria and Senegal). EMC operates three wholly-owned teleport facilities in USA and EU, which are equipped with 11 to 32m C, Plan C, Ku, Ka, L, and X-band antennas, as well as 120,000 sq ft of highly secure disaster recovery and business continuity infrastructure. Our QMS is ISO 9001-2009 certified. For more information, please visit

About Magor Communications

Understanding that today’s fast-paced, cost-conscious, competitive business environment requires communications solutions that enable people to enhance decision making, improve productivity and strengthen ties with colleagues, partners and customers, Magor Communications developed the innovative Magor TeleCollaboration HDWorkPlace family. Seamlessly integrating advanced desktop sharing and data collaboration capabilities into a peer-to-peer high definition video conferencing experience, the HDWorkPlace systems dramatically improve the effectiveness of meetings. By extending basic video scaling principles with segmentation and adaptation, the HDWorkPlace family sets the benchmark for Good Network Citizenship for enterprise video conferencing solutions, delivering high definition video and collaboration without overburdening the network or significantly increasing IT costs. Magor works with technology and channel partners and OEMs to bring the power of telecollaboration to businesses of all sizes and to workers at all levels of an organization. For more information, please visit

For more information, contact:

Ken Davison, VP Global Sales and Marketing

Magor Communications

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Office: +1.613.686.1731, ext. 5509; Mobile: +1.613.884.5411

Kathleen Keith for Magor Communications

Keith Communications

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Office/Mobile: +1.707.529.4507

Thomas Luketich, VP Video Conferencing and Application Services


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