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Theater Seating for Home Theaters

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Theater Seating for Home Theaters

Theater Seating

Sunset Studios Media Solutions, Inc. has been installing home theater systems for over 25 years. Our clients include Hollywood stars and VIPs who demand true excellence from their home theaters. In our experience, theater seating is paramount to the viewer’s experience. 

Here are some of our important seating considerations when designing a home theater:


Seating Positions

When positioning theater seats, there are two major points to consider: view, and audio fidelity. We ask ourselves a few important questions: 


  • How well can the viewer see the screen
  • Is the picture being obstructed by objects, or other viewers? 
  • Are the seats positioned for optimal viewing angle to the screen?


We discover the acoustic "sweet spots" in a theater, then position the seats accordingly for the best listener experience across the whole room. A room’s shape and the positions of the speaker directly affect the viewer’s experience. 


  • Where are the acoustic sweet spots in this room?
  • How can the seats be positioned to enable every viewer to enjoy the best possible audio experience


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Choosing a seating option that best reflects the aesthetic style of the theater, and the comfort of the viewers, leaves plenty of choices. Some of our clients choose luxury-grade reclining chairs with built-in speakers, charging stations, and massage functions, while others just want big fluffy bean bags for lounging around. 


Also, many theater seats we install have built-in tray tables and recessed cup holders to prevent spills from interrupting your favorite scene. Floor-mounted tables can be set at arm’s-length from each seat, as well. 


Control of your viewing experience from your seat is also paramount to a comfortable experience. Change movies at the push of a button on an iPad or smart remote, which can be integrated into other systems such as lighting, audio, and climate control. These can be docked within reach of your favorite seat.


Sunset Studios Media Solutions, Inc. specializes in designing and installing luxury home theaters from the ground up, and we can help you choose the right seats for your home theater. Call us today to schedule a consultation: (877) 316-3342