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Live Streaming Video Services Los Angeles, CA

The Rise of Live Streaming Video

Now that bandwidth and advances in video streaming have caught up with the online consumer’s thirst for programming, traditional media outlets continue to capitalize on the emerging technology to expand their ever evolving business model.  As the broadcast audience has dwindled in increasing numbers and walked away from traditional media sources, web channels from the grassroots videoblogs to NetflixHulu and On Demand video are available to everyone with a broadband connection; the path has been marked.

The New York Times has premiered its own video newscast. CNN has introduced iReports. Cable news outlets routinely archive their flagship programming for streaming within hours of its airing. Now the Wall Street Journal has premiered a live day-long newscast to not only compete with financial channels such as CNBC  and Bloomberg, but to draw in subscribers that their print division has lost.  Further evidence the internet is replacing traditional broadcast and the 2000 channel narrowcast future beckons.

VideoNuze: Capitalizing on Market Woes With Live Streaming "News Hub" Show

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