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Best Home Theater Audio Los Angeles, CA

The Future of the Best Home Theater Audio

The future of home theater audio and the top of the line for 2017 is the Dolby Atmos 7.2.4

The Evolution of the Best Home Theater Audio

When it came to listening to music when I was younger, the idea was to find the biggest, “baddest” speakers you could hook your entertainment center up to and let her rip. As time went on televisions became more sophisticated and some of us figured out how to combine music and movies. It was from this combination the Home Theater Movement was born and it has been transforming ever since into what is now considered the best home theater audio.

The pricey, complicated home entertainment sound systems centers with those big, bold speakers are bigger than ever. The Pioneer receivers along with tape players and turntable caged in a glass prison may be a technology of the past but only because technology has advanced.

Technology has been catching up and the shift to streaming media introduced by Apple and Pandora has led to a revolution dismantling the need forbulky speakers, subwoofers and other expensive equipment which used to costs thousands of dollars. Forget all those wires running around the room tucked under the rug or stapled against the baseboards, and make way for the best home theater audio.

For some, new smaller, lighter technology is what the doctor ordered. But it is like comparing a Cessna 180 to a Lear Jet. For those of us that are purists, the full home theater like the 7.2.4 Dolby Atmos is the king of the mountain for 2017. But it all started with the multichannel 5.1 theater back in the 1980”s. Ray Dolby, probably considered the king of audio, began with audio enhancement in 1986 and cinema audio a few years later. Their logo is a fixture in the cinema title world today seen in almost every movie.

Dolby pioneered the use of multiple speakers, developing surround sound and Dolby 5.1 from the original stereo film soundtrack. It spawned the best home theater audio revolution with Dolby ProLogic, a theater system which includes 5 speakers including a Left channel, Right channel, a center speaker and two side surround speakers. The point one referring to a subwoofer. This has been the most common setup since the 1980’s.

Over the years, like everything else, Dolby went digital, as surround sound audio fidelity improved, the channels multiplied with more specific discreet audio channels. It has increased the range of sound by adding discreet multi-channel sound as well as a discreet subwoofer channel instead of being improvised from the stereo Left/Right.

Home Entertainment Sound Systems Make Major Headway with the Dolby ATMOS

The 7.2.4 home Dolby Atmos takes surround sound to an entirely new level even if it’s a derivative off of Dolby Digital. In addition to the speakers included in the Dolby 5.1 series, the 7.2.4 includes two additional speakers directly behind the listener similar to what you would find in a theater. DCI Atmos actually develops 36 discreet audio channels for the cinema auditoriums. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have that kind of discreet coverage in your dedicated theater? Well don’t despair, the whitepaper for the DCI (stands for digital cinema initiative for the multiplex theaters) will be published soon allowing for manufacturers to provide the true DCI Atmos into the home dedicated theater experience

Even as 5.1 fades and DVDs become a thing of the past, don’t worry, all of these formats decoding are still backward compatible, and while this is currently the most advanced and best home theater audio system, for now, you may get plenty of DVD movies encoded with 5.1 Dolby technology. No problem because your 7.2.4 system will convert the 5.1 soundtracks to all seven of your speaker by “duplicated sound processing.”

So, if you are a purist and a lover of Dolby or you have an older 5.1 home theater system this might be the time to consider an upgrade to the Dolby Atmos 7.2.4 system. Why?

  • Sound Quality – it moves all around you and can be placed and moved in a three-dimension space.

  • Overhead Dimension – Sound appears to come from overhead creating a full audio immersion into the sound

  • Clarity – produces clear, precise discrete articulation of action with clarity, detail, and depth

  • Experience – It creates a truly fulfilling and unique entertainment experience.

Is all this experience worth the price you might have to pay? That depends on the entertainment experience you intend to enjoy. Either way, it costs nothing to check it out! Call us with any questions you may have and get The Sunset Studios Advantage.

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