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Multi-Application Total Home Control

Single Application AV and Home Control vs. Multi-Application Total Home Control

Multi-Application Total Home Control

Single Application Audio Video and Home Control

In the modern home today, a single application provides an “Umbrella of Control Experience” versus a multi-application total home control environment. Open a Crestron, a Savant home control application and you have complete control of your home’s subsystems: music, lights, surveillance, thermostats, door locks, security system from any mobile device in the home, there is no need to move to other applications. As the world migrated “there is an app for everything” mentality, discerning homeowners have come full circle to requesting a single umbrella of control. In an ironic comparison, who wants four remotes on their coffee table to control the TV experience when you can do this with one unified remote? The same logic could be applied to a mobile device with multiple applications.

Another argument for a single home control application is the interconnectivity or automation function between subsystems. If you want to leave home and arm the security system while automatically turning off the lights, this function can be easily programmed into an “Away” button on a total home control platform, no need to use multiple applications to complete this effort.The ability to implement a single control system traditionally meant spending more on the programming element and being tied to a professional to uptake the maintenance of the system. That is fine for higher net-worth valued homes and families. What about everyone else? Real options are appearing and will become more and more available, with standards based automated control such as Z‐wave or Zigbee application development and wireless standards. This movement involves the various manufacturers following a “standards protocol” in implementing wireless communications into their products.

When a homeowner or the trusted systems integrator does the research to integrate correctly separate disparate systems components into a home, with the use of an appropriate Hub, that connected into the home network, these various systems will be able to “talk” together using the single application on smart phones or tablets connected to the internet or inside the home network.

Many examples are showing up for the interconnected system using wireless technology from a variety of brands. For Z-wave, VeraEdge has been around for a while. Companies like Logitech are jumping into the fray but not all using open standards so be aware of compatibilities. The use of a Z‐wave Hub enables wireless communication between different manufacturers equipment through the Z‐wave app. But remember, this approach only works when you use the chosen setup of equipment dictated by the Z‐wave wireless consortium.

Multi-Application Total Home Control

The implementation of a single total home control application may make sense for some people while others don’t mind navigating between different apps. In fact, Apple has stated that the average consumer now has over 40 applications on their mobile devices, which is the same concept when thinking of multi-application total home control. This is a phenomenon that especially young people are used to. The fact is using multi-application total home control for the home’s systems is a pain and is confusing. But the strength of these concerns seems to not be an issue for young people. The concern that using multiple applications to control different subsystems of an overall automated home is becoming less of an issue because most homeowners already have multiple applications on their mobile devices

Time will show whether consumers are willing to navigate these diverse control applications and use them effectively, even though each has a different interface or whether the notion of a single application serving total home control, whether Z-wave Zigbee or another yet to be developed protocol becomes the brainchild of the next young brilliant entrepreneur seeking the secret sauce. One thing is for sure: The element of simple control is the single most vital link in the chain for audio visual integration and that goes also for smart home automation as well. People just want to press a button and know the equipment is going to work.For more information on how to effectively use single application or multi-application Apps for total home control in a smart home or even a commercial environment, please visit us here: Sunset Studios Contact

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